Monday, December 13, 2010

Conscious Evolution Coaching & Reiki

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In our transforming world today, have you experienced...
  • Transition in career, relationships, home environment, or other areas of life, perhaps as a direct response to our economy or through a shift in your consciousness?
  • Feelings of being confused or frightened in the face of today's global problems, wondering what you can do to help?
  • Toxic work environments, unhealthy relationship patterns, and self-limiting beliefs that limit your capacity for health, joy, and reaching your potential?
  • Fear and worry creating manic-minds that separate you from living in peace, with joy and love, and in harmony with your inner-knowing?
I am the Conscious Evolution Coach and Reiki Master Teacher who works with those awakening to the need to transform their lives and the world. We explore conscious ways of being with these worldly shift-promoting circumstances to create outcomes infused with purpose, passion, and joy. My clients' dramatic results include:
  • Discovering and clarifying life purpose and releasing special gifts into the world;
  • Increasing focus on dreams, desires and goals, inviting our most creative life-path to unfold;
  • Revealing and releasing negative thought patterns related to criticism, anger, fear, scarcity, perfectionism, etc.;
  • Expressing spontaneity, confidence, assertiveness, honesty, integrity, gratitude, love and joy;
  • Setting stronger, clearer boundaries to live free of burdens;
  • Creating healthier lifestyle patterns and habits, contributing to vibrant health;
  • Preventing and healing stress-related health issues;
  • Increasing sense of inner knowing and personal strength, and even psychic capacities;
  • Creating healthy, harmonious, authentic relationships;
  • Illuminating the deepest lessons found in times of uncertainty, stress, and illness;
  • Creating sustainable life transformations of many varieties;
  • Connecting with consciously evolving community;
  • Contributing to our global, cultural transformation.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conscious Evolution: How to Thrive in our Transforming World

Let us grow, expand, and free ourselves from the cage of illusion! We already know our way...
It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.
W. Edwards Deming
"Civilization as we know it is coming to an end right now... We must make this evolutionary leap or become extinct." This is how Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. opened his presentation, "The Biology of Belief: Mind over Genes," on August 4, 2010 in Grass Valley, California.* During his presentation, Dr. Lipton offered a very thorough history of science to demonstrate where we've been and where we're going in our evolutionary path as humans. He shared that for the first time in the history of our planet, we face the possibility of extinction. In contrast to the five former extinctions from forces outside of our control, like meteors, this sixth one is self-created, based on human behavior.
At these crossroads, we have a choice: extinction or evolution. Should we choose to evolve, what wisdom and resources are available to us to help create our evolutionary journey? A few ideas emerge from Dr. Lipton's work that we can put into practice right away.
Cultivate the "honeymoon effect" - Ah, the feeling of first falling in love, of abundant energy and joy, of creating heaven on earth. During these times in our lives, we are aware in every moment, making conscious choices rather than relying on habit. Our immune systems are boosted in this phase, and we are stronger, happier, and full of bliss. By consciously creating love-vibrations in our lives and by transcending habits through conscious choice-making, we can create our own honeymoon effect, enhance our immune systems, strengthen our bodies, and create happier lives.
Seek out "good vibes" - We all know certain places and people that feel good to us. We can consciously create lives that revolve around positive experiences, friendships, workplaces, etc. This will help us to focus away from fear-based thinking and stress, which are quite damaging to our systems. Our cells are either in growth or protection mode - growth when we're happy and peaceful, and protection when we feel fear or stress. Because our bodies' cells move away from nourishment to preserve energy for fight or flight when we are stressed, our cells starve during these times. Prolonged stress means chronic malnourishment for our cells. Seeking good vibes may demand from us pruning or repairing whatever in our lives creates stress, fear, or disharmony, but doing so will bring us closer to living the "honeymoon effect."
Expose and rewrite our subconscious beliefs - The conscious mind powers up our creativity, identification with Source, positive thinking, and focus on wishes, desires, and aspirations. The subconscious mind functions out of habit and our patterns are created when we're in the womb through age six. The subconscious mind regards every thought about the past or future to be present now. For example, negative comments we heard as children are felt as if they are spoken in the present moment. 95% of our programs are in our subconscious mind, and we're largely oblivious of the messages we receive from there. Whenever our lives refuse to flow in accordance with our conscious desires, we know that the subconscious mind is not aligned with conscious intent. Reuniting subconscious beliefs with conscious desires and intentions fosters harmony for creating heaven on earth. We retrain our subconscious with repetitive habits, Psych-K, life coaching, Reiki, hypnosis, subconscious tapes, super-learning states like speed-reading, and other resources listed on Bruce Lipton's web site. Because our minds create our health and well-being, these processes are key points in our evolution.
Be an imaginal cell/cultural creative - "Imaginal cells" are new cells that spring forth from the old. Borrowing from the butterfly's story, the caterpillar enters the chrysalis to become a sort of ooze, and within the ooze, the imaginal cells hold the vision of butterfly so that the other cells can organize around this vision. Crisis ignites evolution. Currently our systems - political, economic, healthcare, etc. - are in crisis. We can't use current ways of thinking to solve our problems. Cultural creatives are like the imaginal cells holding the vision of heaven on earth. They do not fight the current systems, trying to go back into caterpillar form; instead they create a new world from their inherent (not programmed) beliefs and help us to bridge the divide between one system that's failing and a new cycle in our evolutionary path.
"It's not the end of life; it's the end of a way of life," Dr. Lipton says. In his written and audio works, he shares how his spiritual awakening evolved from his research, and how our evolutionary status as a species necessitates a shift if we're to guarantee our survival on planet earth. We do this through a blending of science and spirit, technology and connection to the earth, in order to become conscious creators of our world.
Many of you know of my background in bridging science and practice in the field of substance abuse prevention, and I even co-authored a textbook on that topic. In my life coaching and Reiki practice, I feel myself embedded in this theme of integrating science with spirituality, along with practical application, especially as it relates to our conscious evolution.
I know that our world is facing some enormous challenges, environmentally, economically, politically... Everything happening in our world suggests the need for clearing clutter, not only from our environments, but from our internal world as well, such as old habits, attachments, and sub-conscious beliefs that inhibit our potential for growth and expansion. If you've been feeling a bit more tense, worried, or "off" lately, well then welcome to the club! It's a sign of the times! However, release allows joy and peace to flow into our lives, while our own unique gifts come into the light.
Instead of fixing all the broken systems, how would our world shift if we all learned to offer our unique gifts, raise our vibration and happiness quotient, and come from a loving heart? This is the path to our evolution and to creating heaven on earth! I'm experiencing a lot of tools that help myself and my clients to do just that, and we're witnessing incredible results, including freedom from stress-related health imbalances and survival- and scarcity-consciousness. We also enjoy more harmonious relationships, increased intuitive capacities, joy, love and passion for live. In fact, Bruce Lipton himself suggests Energy Medicine, such as Reiki, and Health and Wellness Coaching, as resources for our conscious evolution.
Won't you begin your journey today? Ask yourself, "What would love have me do?"
The spiritual path wrecks the body,
only to restore it to health,
It destroys the house,
to unearth the treasure,
And with that treasure,
rebuilds it better than before.
* Dr. Bruce Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. He is a visionary scientist and pioneer in the "new biology" called epigenetics. He is the author of The Biology of Belief and co-author of Spontaneous Evolution. He also has an audio collection called "Wisdom of Your Cells."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki Testimonials

Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki
Conscious Evolution

"I recently participated in Denise's Reiki Level II Certification class. I was very pleased with her presentation and attitude, soft and caring with each and every one of us. She helped us feel how valuable we were to her and the world. The day was filled with warmth and magic as many people transformed emotionally and physically. I recommend classes as well as private sessions with Denise."
Marc Hiscox, PFT (Procedure for Transformation) Facilitator
Minden, NV, 1.14.11
"You are an awesome healer! You are very gentle and have a nice touch, and you are a very caring person with good insights."
M.S., Reno, NV - 12.13.10

"I began life coaching and Reiki sessions with Denise Sheehan in May 2010, and since then I have overcome problems and experienced great healing and transformation. Life coaching has been a wonderful compliment to my spiritual practices aimed at helping me to create a more spiritual way of life. Since beginning, I have uncovered negative thought patterns, especially self-critical and self-condemning thoughts, to be filled instead with peace, gratitude, and love. I have been lifted out of the tendency toward destructive perfectionism and out of a sense of burden, doing for the sake of doing, feeling, instead, a joyful sense of being. I've learned to set better boundaries and to express myself with greater assertiveness, spontaneity, honesty, joy, and love. I also feel a closer connection to the Divine and more empowered to express Divine light. I am ever so grateful to Denise for her excellent life coaching sessions; these are transformative experiences which have opened the way to healing and clearer directions."

Marilyn McDonald, Reno, NV - 11.30.10

"Denise, you have truly helped me to change my life. I am now empowered to live my true life and I owe this joyous beginning to you. Your healing power is going to change the world!! The best money I spent was getting coaching and Reiki from you! You saved my life in MANY ways and I would pay you double over again as money is irrelevant to spiritual health. So much love and gratitude!"
Kristen Ragsdale, Moses Lake, WA - 11.30.10

"I want to say thank you so very much for the guidance, light, and love as I began my study of Reiki with you this year as part of my personal development and growth. As soon as we began our work together, I could tell that your teaching was going to create transformational change around my life intention to be spiritually developing. You have a wonderful gift as a teacher and coach! Your style is accessible, non-judgmental and gentle. I am inspired by the talent you have for putting people and groups at ease, so that their individual styles and interests can emerge, and their learning objectives be met, in a safe space. As a coach myself, I am honored to name you among my own coaches, and to have the gift of you and all that you are so willing to share in my life."

L.P., Reno, NV - 09.08.10


"My name is Eric Gabrielsen and I would like to highly recommend not only coaching but coaching through Sage Spirit and Denise Sheehan. Life coaching to me is essential for growth and development in any area that seems to be lacking, lagging, stagnant in your life, be it physical, vocational, spiritual or emotional. I come from a background in counseling and mental health and really appreciate the forward focus of coaching, it's so refreshing compared to the focus of many therapies which is looking in the past.

"Denise is a very skilled, creative and forward-thinking professional who has helped me in my career search and time management areas, and helped me open my mind up to so many things that help round me out as a person. Because of her coaching I'm much more able to take a broad, calm view of any challenge and address it head-on. After my coaching experience with Sage Spirit, I feel I'm much more prepared to face life and embrace it's peaks and valleys. I am now much more able to climb quickly to find those peaks and to weather the valleys of life.

"I could not recommend her services more; Sage Spirit Coaching is a critical investment in your future."

Eric Gabrielsen, MS, CRC
Business, Training, and Employment Specialist 2
Enterprise for Employment and Education

Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki Resources

Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki
Conscious Evolution
Products & Resources
Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki offers Conscious Evolution tools for those awakening to the need to evolve and to create a new world! With Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki's conscious evolution life coaching and Reiki, your investment becomes a gift for life. Services are offered through virtual means (phone, teleconference, webinar, skype) or in-person.

Life Coaching & Reiki

Conscious Evolution Package - Coaching with monthly Reiki healing attunements

Advanced Conscious Evolution Package - Coaching/Reiki sessions as above, plus instruction and attunements for levels I & II Reiki, and monthly group coaching/Reiki circles

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Living in a Toxic World: A Catalyst for Transformation

Heal Yourself & Heal the Planet

Change your Thoughts, Rewrite your Destiny

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Circle of Stones

I gather a circle of stones.

I am grateful to live in a place of natural abundance. At least a dozen species of wildflowers greet me during each walk. I've also grown in the habit of noticing the plentiful, powerful minerals that grace this place - quartz, obsidian, jade and others I cannot begin to name.

I am intuitively called to ritual each day:

* Sending gratitude, love, blessings, and Reiki to the earth

* Asking for stones to speak to me during my walk, especially those who would like to be included in my circle of stones to assist in expanding my spirit

* Noticing shapes, sizes, and colors

* Sensing how they feel to me and how they make me feel

* Talking story to myself during the gathering as if I sit with the circle of Elders

* Sitting by my circle after the gathering to place my new stones

* Meditating on the circle, sending Reiki blessings to the circle and all-that-is

Today I notice a freshly burrowed hole on the crest of a hill. A heart-shaped chelcedony lay kicked out by the new residents, an offering to me, a treasure. The heart appears nearly quartz-like, pristine white with a red slash from top to bottom down the middle as if to signify the two ventricles of a heart coming together in union. Feeling the hard, cool stone in my hand, my life begins to synergize into a whole I haven't felt in several days of witnessing the earth's and ocean's attempts at healing. I feel a flood of creativity enter into my heart and mind in a way that feels completely integrative.

I gather a circle of stones. They nurture me, inspire me, and feed my creativity. They call to me in my sleep, in my dreams, away from waking slumber and into life - awakening!

What new ritual calls to you?

What would your heart like to create? to integrate?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Power of Integration: Coaching plus Reiki

Don't ever think you know what's right for the other person. He might start thinking he knows what's right for you. Paul Williams, Das Energi

This is my secret about what I love the most about life coaching and Reiki. Neither one is about me. One of the most common misperceptions I've encountered about life coaching is that it's about advice-giving. Nothing could be farther from the truth! In my tradition of life-coaching, I ask questions that help others discover their inner wisdom. I may offer my own intuitive hits, but I do so without attachment that they resonate with others. Somewhat similarly, Reiki is spiritually guided universal life force energy. I don't direct the energy and it doesn't come from me. It comes through me, and though I intuitively place my hands in certain positions, Reiki knows where to go all on its own. It flows in service to the receiver's higher self, for the greater good of all.

I find this all incredibly freeing. When I practice non-attachment, I am able to release ego energies and influences so that I can just be with others. I am able to trust, knowing I am, s/he is, and all-that-is is in perfect order.

It isn't what you know. Stop showing off. Stop showing off. It isn't what you do. It's what you are that matters. Paul Williams, Das Energi

I am learning more and more about the incredible power of integrating life coaching and Reiki. Each of my coaching clients receives a complimentary Reiki healing attunement each month. We may intend that Reiki will help with head-, back-, or ear-aches and such, but often we focus more on life-balance, harmonious relationships, or empowering goals. Here are some of the benefits I've seen over the past several months:

  • Obtaining awesome jobs in a tough economy

  • Experiencing more free-flowing money energies

  • Healing earlier-life traumas

  • Creating harmony during significant relationship transitions

  • Opening the heart, allowing a free-flow of love energy in daily life

  • Experiencing more joyful relationships in all areas of life

  • Gaining clarity around life purpose and passions to fuel conscious creation

  • Creating more autonomy and self-assuredness to break unhealthy patterns

  • Experiencing more joy and abundance, laughter and love, light-heartedness and passion

  • Living with more integrity, according to true nature and values

  • Experiencing more depth of intuition, consciousness, inspiration, awareness and gratitude

It's all up to you. You are completely responsible for your life. You are the creator. It's an awesome burden and a great freedom. Paul Williams, Das Energi.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Conscious Community

Sunny and Myo
always conscious, fully present,
giving love
with a dose of mischief
~ oh ya, believe it ~
When you close your eyes and imagine Reno, Nevada, what comes to mind? Saloons, gunfights, and tumbleweeds of olden days? Quickie marriages and divorces? Slot machines and craps? Or winding roads to mountain lakes, crisp air, and ski slopes?
Or do you think of a place where people find encouragement to live intentionally, embracing love, integrity, courage, service, and respect? Or where people collaborate to create strong community ties that promote spiritual growth, cultural transformation, and a sustainable local economy?
We're all that here in Reno, and much more...
Conscious Community is a movement, building in strength and influence for several years. The goal is spiritual as well as cultural transformation. Embodied first in the way we live, transformation radiates outwardly into our families and into our social and work lives.
In February, I attended a Weaver Group training as part of the Conscious Community movement. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, exploring spiritual concepts and community development principles. Many of you know how these align with my passions. Mostly, I enjoyed the wonderful angels in earth suits who came. Everywhere I turned, I met smile after smile, loving hearts, and warm energy.
There I learned all about facilitating Weaver Groups, a grassroots strategy within the Conscious Community movement were we get back to the basics of our humanity by breaking down barriers that divide us. In Weaver Groups we connect heart to heart with one another and also with the positive aspects of our community.
Through this movement, and through our connections in Weaver Groups and in the community, we consciously create our community - one that supports and nurtures us, and one that inspires us to live in compassion and love.
Do you want more honest, authentic, loving relationships in your life?
Would you benefit from the support of others in your spiritual journey?
Would you like to see your community transform culturally, economically, spiritually?
Are you inspired to be a catalyst creating a better community?
If you are interested in joining a Weaver Group right here in Reno, please join us on March 24 at 6:30pm. Contact me, 775.970.5476 or, for more information, or call Richard Flyer, the visionary and creator of Reno's Conscious Community, 775.851.2993.
Ah, but so many of my friends live outside of Reno. Bummer! Not really, because Conscious Community can come to you too. It works better when we spread the love! Richard has resources to help you get started, and I've listed links to some below.
I'm totally jazzed about Conscious Community. I'm ready to embrace transformation on many levels. Are you?
To learn more about Conscious Community in Reno, visit:
To access information on the training guide, visit:
To watch the new video about Reno's Conscious Community, visit: