Monday, December 13, 2010

Conscious Evolution Coaching & Reiki

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In our transforming world today, have you experienced...
  • Transition in career, relationships, home environment, or other areas of life, perhaps as a direct response to our economy or through a shift in your consciousness?
  • Feelings of being confused or frightened in the face of today's global problems, wondering what you can do to help?
  • Toxic work environments, unhealthy relationship patterns, and self-limiting beliefs that limit your capacity for health, joy, and reaching your potential?
  • Fear and worry creating manic-minds that separate you from living in peace, with joy and love, and in harmony with your inner-knowing?
I am the Conscious Evolution Coach and Reiki Master Teacher who works with those awakening to the need to transform their lives and the world. We explore conscious ways of being with these worldly shift-promoting circumstances to create outcomes infused with purpose, passion, and joy. My clients' dramatic results include:
  • Discovering and clarifying life purpose and releasing special gifts into the world;
  • Increasing focus on dreams, desires and goals, inviting our most creative life-path to unfold;
  • Revealing and releasing negative thought patterns related to criticism, anger, fear, scarcity, perfectionism, etc.;
  • Expressing spontaneity, confidence, assertiveness, honesty, integrity, gratitude, love and joy;
  • Setting stronger, clearer boundaries to live free of burdens;
  • Creating healthier lifestyle patterns and habits, contributing to vibrant health;
  • Preventing and healing stress-related health issues;
  • Increasing sense of inner knowing and personal strength, and even psychic capacities;
  • Creating healthy, harmonious, authentic relationships;
  • Illuminating the deepest lessons found in times of uncertainty, stress, and illness;
  • Creating sustainable life transformations of many varieties;
  • Connecting with consciously evolving community;
  • Contributing to our global, cultural transformation.

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