Monday, November 8, 2010

Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki Testimonials

Sage Spirit Coaching & Reiki
Conscious Evolution

"I recently participated in Denise's Reiki Level II Certification class. I was very pleased with her presentation and attitude, soft and caring with each and every one of us. She helped us feel how valuable we were to her and the world. The day was filled with warmth and magic as many people transformed emotionally and physically. I recommend classes as well as private sessions with Denise."
Marc Hiscox, PFT (Procedure for Transformation) Facilitator
Minden, NV, 1.14.11
"You are an awesome healer! You are very gentle and have a nice touch, and you are a very caring person with good insights."
M.S., Reno, NV - 12.13.10

"I began life coaching and Reiki sessions with Denise Sheehan in May 2010, and since then I have overcome problems and experienced great healing and transformation. Life coaching has been a wonderful compliment to my spiritual practices aimed at helping me to create a more spiritual way of life. Since beginning, I have uncovered negative thought patterns, especially self-critical and self-condemning thoughts, to be filled instead with peace, gratitude, and love. I have been lifted out of the tendency toward destructive perfectionism and out of a sense of burden, doing for the sake of doing, feeling, instead, a joyful sense of being. I've learned to set better boundaries and to express myself with greater assertiveness, spontaneity, honesty, joy, and love. I also feel a closer connection to the Divine and more empowered to express Divine light. I am ever so grateful to Denise for her excellent life coaching sessions; these are transformative experiences which have opened the way to healing and clearer directions."

Marilyn McDonald, Reno, NV - 11.30.10

"Denise, you have truly helped me to change my life. I am now empowered to live my true life and I owe this joyous beginning to you. Your healing power is going to change the world!! The best money I spent was getting coaching and Reiki from you! You saved my life in MANY ways and I would pay you double over again as money is irrelevant to spiritual health. So much love and gratitude!"
Kristen Ragsdale, Moses Lake, WA - 11.30.10

"I want to say thank you so very much for the guidance, light, and love as I began my study of Reiki with you this year as part of my personal development and growth. As soon as we began our work together, I could tell that your teaching was going to create transformational change around my life intention to be spiritually developing. You have a wonderful gift as a teacher and coach! Your style is accessible, non-judgmental and gentle. I am inspired by the talent you have for putting people and groups at ease, so that their individual styles and interests can emerge, and their learning objectives be met, in a safe space. As a coach myself, I am honored to name you among my own coaches, and to have the gift of you and all that you are so willing to share in my life."

L.P., Reno, NV - 09.08.10


"My name is Eric Gabrielsen and I would like to highly recommend not only coaching but coaching through Sage Spirit and Denise Sheehan. Life coaching to me is essential for growth and development in any area that seems to be lacking, lagging, stagnant in your life, be it physical, vocational, spiritual or emotional. I come from a background in counseling and mental health and really appreciate the forward focus of coaching, it's so refreshing compared to the focus of many therapies which is looking in the past.

"Denise is a very skilled, creative and forward-thinking professional who has helped me in my career search and time management areas, and helped me open my mind up to so many things that help round me out as a person. Because of her coaching I'm much more able to take a broad, calm view of any challenge and address it head-on. After my coaching experience with Sage Spirit, I feel I'm much more prepared to face life and embrace it's peaks and valleys. I am now much more able to climb quickly to find those peaks and to weather the valleys of life.

"I could not recommend her services more; Sage Spirit Coaching is a critical investment in your future."

Eric Gabrielsen, MS, CRC
Business, Training, and Employment Specialist 2
Enterprise for Employment and Education

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